Make It Fun: Witty Argumentative Essay Topics For Students

Are you trying to come up with some witty essay topics for your students to write, but are stuck for ideas? To increase the chances that your students will be passionate about writing an essay coming up with topics that are funny, witty and interesting is a good idea. Perhaps students that previously had trouble writing an essay will flourish in this type of assignment.

Here is a list of witty argumentative essay topics for your students:

  • Why the customer is never right when they are complaining
  • Why so many people are obsessed with funny cat videos
  • What is your dog really thinking
  • Why Walmart is the best store out there
  • Why teenagers should have the worst job in society at the lowest pay
  • Why smoking can be good for you
  • Why watching violent videos is not as bad as the media make it out to be
  • How you can pretend to be working when really you aren’t
  • Why the only thing that you can call yourself an expert on is computer gamesWhy email spam is the highlight of my day
  • What’s the worst song that has ever been created
  • What’s the worst sport out there, and why
  • Why shark attack shows are so popular on TV
  • How to not get the girl that you want
  • Does Google actually make you smarter?
  • The real reasons behind why global warming is in the media
  • What the best thing about smog is
  • Why animals rights should be more important than human rights
  • Why being homeless is not as bad as you might think
  • The best way of acing an exam without even trying to
  • The stereotypes in society that are actually good for society
  • Why the legal driving age should be lowered to 12
  • The ideal type of college would be
  • Why your grandmother would benefit from an iPhone

These topic ideas are just some of the possibilities, you can ask your students to come up with their own ideas. As you can see these topics are rather amusing so the essays that will be written should make for some good reading. Encourage your students to really get creative with these topics titles, as opposed to using a more traditional academic approach. As a result of writing such interesting and witty essays your students may get more enthusiastic about education as a whole.