Useful Suggestions On How To Compose A Great Essay

How to compose a great essay?

  • The most important component of writing the “A+” essay is having the best subject matter for it.
  • When choosing the subject matter or topic for the essay, one should take their time doing so.
  • The subject matter or topic of the essay has to be worth your while to write a great essay.
  • Once you pick the subject matter for the essay, it is good do an outline on the subject before write the essay.
  • The outline will let you know the following:
    1. Whether or not need to pick another subject matter.
    2. How to approach the writing of the essay.
    3. What type of research needs to be done on the subject?
    4. The outline will be used as roadmap of how the essay will be written.
  • Now that the subject matter/topic has been picked, it is time to go to the library and conduct research on the subject matter.
  • Once all research has been completed, need to draft an outline of the notes for organization of the essay.
  • The outline of notes helps the writer to begin composing the essay.
  • It is always good do at least one rough draft of the essay before the final draft.
  • Once the writer has had the essay proofread for errors and made the necessary corrections, time to write the final essay.
  • Before turning in the final essay, have it proofread for errors and correct the errors.

How is a great essay formatted and styled?

It has an introduction with the following sections:

  1. Thesis statement- always the final sentence of the paragraph.
  2. Highlights at least three main points supporting the subject matter.
  3. Gives a brief description of the subject matter/topic.

The body of the essay is written as follows:

  1. Each point will be discussed in a separate paragraph.
  2. Each main point paragraph will have three facts to support the point.
  3. Each main point paragraph will explain the writer’s position on the subject matter.

The conclusion of the essay does the following for the essay:

  1. Restates the thesis statement.
  2. Paraphrases the main points in a way that the reader will agree with the writer’s viewpoint on the subject matter/topic.
  3. The conclusion lets the reader know the importance of the topic from the writer’s perspective.
  4. The conclusion gives the essay a strong finishing.v