Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a huge opening on the ground. Its length and width is estimated to be four hundred and forty six kilometers and twenty nine kilometers respectively. Its depth is believed to be one thousand and eight hundred meters. The Grand Canyon was formed over millions years ago as a result of continuous water erosion of the Colorado River.

The Grand Canyon is located in the North West area of the Arizona, next to Utah and Nevada border. Most part of the canyon lies inside the Grand Canyon national park which is controlled the Havasupai Tribe and the Hualapai Tribe National Park Service. Although Colorado River flows through seven states of America, the Grand Canyon lies only within the borders of the Arizona state which is also referred to as the Grand Canyon state.

Grand Canyon Formation

The particular geological process involved in the formation and the timing of the Grand Canyon has attracted the interests of most geologists in the debate. The general and most recent updates of 2010 conference depicted that the Grand Canyon was carved by Colorado River over five million years ago. However, other recent enhancement in the techniques of dating upended the uniformity idea of the young Grand Canyon. These dating techniques show that the present Grand Canyon developed from two ancient canyons, one in the east and the other on the west. It is approximated that the western canyon is over seventy million years old.

Grand Canyon Climate and Tourists Attraction

The climate of the Grand Canyon is semi-arid. However, the canyon has some areas especially the upper plateau covered with scarce forest whereas; lower area is covered with several desert basins. According to the National Park Service, over three hundred birds, forty seven reptiles, seventeen species of fish, nine amphibians and one thousand and five hundred plants are found with the canyon.

The Grand Canyon is portioned into two major divisions which include the South Rim and the North Rim. Throughout the year, the southern rim is open for tourists’ attraction. The South Rim is connected by rail and air services which makes it more accessible throughout the year. On the other hand, the northern rim is located next to Utah and has got very exciting cites. Nevertheless, the area is less accessible compare to Southern Rim. However, since it is approximately thirty nine kilometers from the South Rim, the area is accessible to people who can beat this distance on feet or drive three hundred and fifty four kilometers from South Rim. Nevertheless, the North Rim is usually closed during the winter due to road the danger of the roads.