Egyptian Art

Egyptian art was very significant practice in ancient culture of Egypt. The Egyptian art dates back in the prehistoric period before the birth of Christ. The art was a symbolic of the people’s beliefs and their daily life. Generally, in modern western culture, art is only considered as a self-expression form. However, this is not the case in Egyptian art. Egyptian art was a religious practice. Art in ancient Egypt was taken very critically and specific rules were strictly incorporated. Most people believed that, any art that fails to strictly follow the rules would upset the gods.

Generally, Egyptian art is considered to be unmoved. The art is believed to involved repetitive patterns of ideas and images and involved similar principles all over the entire era. However, all the images were uniquely varied. Every dynasty involved an additional difference to the fundamental concepts which were developed in the beginning while the artistic ideas kept growing in every era. The Egyptian art influenced many cultures in the world. Although it was not directly copied, Egyptian art in most cases was either contrasted or compared to other forms of art such as Roman, Greek, Assyrian, Persian and Sumerian.

Forms of Egyptian Art

Egyptian art involved three fundamental aspects such as sculpture, painting and engraving. The most common and well recognized Egyptian form of art was engraving. The engravings were used in lining tombs and graves. The engravings represent the life of the pharaohs, Egyptian gods and the famous Egyptian legends.

Paintings were another form of art used by Egyptians in ancient time. In most cases, painting portrayed myths concerning Egyptian gods and goddess. However, paintings were not commonly used. The use of sculptures was another common form of art in Egypt. Sculptures mostly were made in honor of gods and pharaohs. Although, archaeologists discovered animals sculptures, most of these animals were cats. Cats were believed to be sacred animals in the Egyptians culture.

Significant of Egyptian Art

Egyptian art was used as a mode of expression, either cultural or self-expression. Ranging from sculpture, painting to engraving, Egyptian art expressed the rich culture of the Egyptians. The art expressed theories, ideas as well as legends about gods which perhaps could not be done in writing. For instance, engravings and sculptures vividly expressed the rich Egyptians cultural beliefs which may not be possible to communicate them in words. Egyptian art brought about ideas and beliefs into sight.

Egyptians art influenced many world cultures. Many cultures copied Egyptian art making slight changes to suit their principles and views. However, the expression in the art remained similar to that of the Egyptian art.