Police Brutality

The subject of police brutality is almost everywhere. These law enforcers have been found to occasionally break the laws they are supposed to defend and apply in executing justice. All sanity in matters of police service has been compromised and there is unlikely that all court cases will go successful without the injustice of the police being felt. Basically, police brutality is the nasty application of unnecessary force, mainly through physical means. Additionally, this can be seen through other forms such as those of psychological intimidation and verbal attacks. Cases of police injustice and brutality have plagued the justice system both at the national and global scene.

Today, almost every part of the world is experiencing cases of police brutality every day. Different governments across the world use the police for the wrong reasons. The system of police administration is a rot in many ways. The execution of its mandate has been in most cases found to infringe human rights especially those of the rights of speech and expression. When masses demonstrate over very genuine matters, police units have been used to illegally attack them and cover up evil actions by rogue leaders. Therefore, the brutality by policemen has been perpetuated by bad leaders and governments that seek to fulfill their own ambitions and interests.

Corruption has eaten into the bone of the fabric that holds governments together in carrying out the mandate of serving its people. Therefore, rampant police brutality has continued to affect any world nations including those that have engaged in prosecuting it. This is the epitome of police misconduct and an unfortunate behavior of the people given the responsibility of protecting the populace. Actions of police brutality also include intimidation, false arrest, political repression, police corruption, racial profiling, sexual abuse and surveillance abuse. These various forms could occur to anyone and anywhere. However much human rights activists have continued to protest against such, the problem has continued to persist throughout the years.

Cases of police brutality are endless. They have continued to cover our media sources at the dawn of every day. Many people fear engaging the police in their misfortunes because they are not certain of the reception that they are likely to get. There is a lot that has been compromise in police brutality and all sense of justice is completely lost. A lot has happened and apparently, there is little that seems to have been done to address the matter. When caught by the police, some people will just buy their freedom by dishing out money to avoid the nasty process of getting justice.