John Adams’ Spirit Of Liberty

Before talking about the spirit of liberty, it has always been important to state that John Adams was the finest student of political science of in the 18th century America despite little focus held about the revolutionary contribution he made during his time. Before becoming the second president of the United States, no other citizen of America had written more concerning governance. Both Madison and Jefferson could not match his prowess on natural light, human nature, constitutional construction and political organization. It is unfortunate that many people consider him as a reactionary figure during his later years while his thoughts and ideas have widely been ignored. However, John Adams’ spirit of liberty is one thing that cannot be overlooked because it highlights issues affecting the society and governance.

Adam’s political thoughts did not get a lot of popularity despite being the basic foundations on his spirit of liberty. Some people like C. Bradley Thompson did not believe that his ideas were relevant in the development of American policies. His work was elucidated and reevaluated through its interpretation in the convention of political philosophy reaching all the way from those of Plato and to Montesquieu. The issue of liberty was found in his distinction between the basic principles of liberty and the principles of political architecture. These were the main aspects of his whole philosophy in politics.

Adams focus is in the ability of having both political and moral liberty and widely confronted American loyalists along with British imperial officers concerning the exact nature of justice together with the British constitution. According to John Adams, his political thoughts about the spirit of liberty were important in building constructs of a mental universe to challenge the issues of making the constitutional laws of the and come up with a holistic reasoning approach. John skillfully blended political science and history to address present issues of society and governance.

The spirit of liberty by John Adams exemplifies revolutionary changes of an independent mind and significant thinker whose contributions where important in building a great society of people. Despite being overshadowed by events and politics of the day, John Adams challenged the status quo and set a platform of change for many. Today, we can learn great lessons from this important subject – you don’t have to be popular and neither do your sentiments have to win the majority vote. The most important thing is to be confident in what you believe in and present it in a very organized manner to stand out even for years to come.