Steve Jobs

Steve jobs co-founded the reputable apple computers in 1976. Under his leadership, some of the most revolutionary devices were released into the market, some of which are iPhone and iPad. Even as a young man, he was intelligent and innovative. Despite the fact that he had been given up for adoption as a young boy and that he became a school’s prankster at some point, he continued to thrive in education. In high school, he was among the very few people who knew how to use digital chips. He even designed many computers at that early age. One other friend, Steve Wozniak, had the same interest as he did. They would later co-found Apple Computers, a company that made computers smaller, intuitive, accessible and cheaper. Indeed, Steve Jobs was the most innovative leader of all times.

When Steve Jobs was in charge of the marketing department, he conceived affordable and user friendly computers, Apple 1. They sold these computers at 666.66$ and made huge profits out of it. When the second model was released, Apple 2, the market was already warmed up for the products. As a result apple’s sales increased by a remarkable 700%. By 1980, apple was a very well known company and had a market value of 1.2 billion dollars. It was unfortunate that the products released after Apple 2 did not do very well in the market, a factor that made apple executives lose faith in Steve Jobs. He left the company afterwards to join the animation industry. He purchased an animation company from George Lucas, invested 50 million dollars in it, and named it Pixar Animation Studios. He produced some of the most popular animation movies such as finding Nemo and Toy Story. His films have had a net profit of 4 billion dollars. Later on, he became the largest shareholder with Walt Disney after his studio merged with the company.

After years away from Apple, Steve jobs went back to the company in the 1990’s as the CEO. He re-invented the company and it became as successful as it had been in the 1970’s. He put up a new management structure, and came up with amazing products such as iMac. His marketing strategies coupled with unique designs for products brought Apple back on its feet. Unfortunately, Steve Jobs suffered from pancreatic cancer in 2003. Interestingly, he disclosed very little about his ill health and put up a brave face while still leading the company. He was even opposed to the idea of surgery to remove the pancreatic tumor at first. After years of battling with the disease, he passed away in 2011 at 56 years of age. However, due to his leadership style and capabilities, Apple lives on today and continues to amaze the consumers with innovative products. Clearly, Steve Jobs was an innovative and a gifted leader.