Free Essay Papers: What You Can Expect From Them

Thirty years ago, students would have to find an essay in a textbook or get one from a former student if they wanted a free essay paper. In modern times, a free essay is just a click of the button away. Like most things in life, there are some benefits and drawbacks to using an essay from the Internet.

Generally Well-Researched

The first thing that students can expect is to have a well-researched paper. Often, free essays are posted online by professional writers or people who have graduate level experience in the subject. The essay will normally include a source list and be formatted exactly according to a particular style guide.

The Most Common Topics Are Available

Although it may seem like a writing prompt is completely unusual, it has probably been assigned before. Most professors will assign the same types of essays each year. In some instances, there are only so many different topics that can be written about in an introductory course. Due to this, many of the most common essay topics are available online.

Teachers Can Spot the Plagiarism

With an online essay, students have a lot to worry about when it comes to plagiarizing. If the student could find the essay by searching the web, their teacher can most likely find it as well. Essays that are published on the front page of a website are easily found through any search. Students who do not want to worry about plagiarism charges should make sure that the essay can only be accessed through registration, or make sure that it is not visible in search results.

Likewise, a teacher can spot plagiarism on an essay by looking at the writing style. If a poor student suddenly turns in a perfectly written essay, the teacher will become suspicious. Five star vocabulary and exceptional creativity can also be suspicious to a professor. In general, students should look for a free essay that matches their personal style. It can be slightly better than the student's writing, but it should not be a drastic difference.

Check the Format and Word Counts

Most classroom assignments will require the student to write a set number of words or pages. Before using a free essay, students must make sure that it is the right length. Likewise, the essay should match the style guides that were assigned by the teacher. Since there are a variety of style guides, this last requirement can be difficult. When necessary, the student can make modifications to the essay or increase its length.