Alternative Treatments For Depression

The number of people ailing from depression is growing every day. Some treatments are available for depression. However, people have been responding negatively to these treatments and thus need for alternate therapies. This will, however, depend greatly on the kind of depression one is suffering from. Alternative remedies and treatments may not work for biological types of depressions. However, these remedies could be valuable adjuncts to psychological and physical treatments. Patients with non-biological types of depression can take advantage of the available self-help measures and alternative treatment to control depression.

Stress and Relaxation Techniques

This can be used to help patients with ongoing health conditions. The techniques may not offer long term solutions but will be helpful and modest in short term solutions. This involves reducing anxiety and lowering stress. These methods have been tried and considered helpful in the elderly. It helps keep some conditions away and reduce depression. The standard techniques involve involvement in physical exercises, yoga and aerobics. By keeping certain conditions at bay and helps improve general health thus reducing the prevalence of certain conditions like diabetes, obesity and heart conditions. These techniques can be used together with the physiological treatment to cure depression.

Light therapy

This involves exposure of the affected person to bright light for thirty minutes to one hour every day. The source of the bright light can be direct sunlight of a bright florescent tube. This helps deal with depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is a condition where depression will occur in some seasons or at particular times and then goes away. Most of the people who suffer from this condition are from the Northern hemisphere and a few in Australia.

St Johns Wort

This is a natural remedy popularly used for depression. The remedy is from a flower that is believed to have many chemical compounds. When you inhale the chemicals, they work on your nerves. This slows the pain reception from the nerves. When the brain cells absorb the chemical, commonly known as messenger serotonin, they will not perceive pain picked from various parts of the body by the nervous system. Alternatively, the chemical works on the body and reduces the amount proteins that are involved in the nervous system for reception of pain and other nasty feelings. This is one of the remedies that only work for people with non-biological depression. The side effects of this remedy are that it may have some adverse side effects on the reproductive functioning.