Teenage Drug Abuse


Teenage drug abuse is a serious and common problem among teenagers in many Western societies as at today. The commonly abused drugs include alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, cocaine, and chemical inhalants. Teenage is commonly recognized as a delicate period of a person’s life. It is a period characterized by hormonal development and personal identity crisis; teenagers are therefore prone to certain errors of judgment and decision making that could have adverse effects on their lives. One of such errors is involvement in substance abuse. Teens get into drug abuse for several related reasons, most of them bordering on personal identity crisis. Some teens get into drugs in order not to feel isolated from their peers while others believe it gives them adult status. Others take drugs because it makes them feel “high.” There are some youths that are particularly at risk of getting into drug abuse. These include those that are emotionally or psychologically abused, depressed or neglected such as those that have personal mental health issues or those who suffer from family disconnect or parental abuse.

Signs and Dangers of Teenage Drug Abuse

Any observant parent can discover if his or her teenage child is into drugs. The signs include evasive behaviour, blood shot eyes, secretiveness, demand for more privacy, discarding old friends for new ones and being secretive about them, rags or crumpled paper full of chemical odour, loss of interest in academic work, poor school grades, signs of depression, feeling isolated, and becoming more aggressive or violent. Substance abuse by teenagers can have many debilitating effects on their lives. Teens who abuse drugs are prone to injury and death through over-the-board behaviour such as reckless driving, drug overdose, and gang violence. Many have been known to drown when swimming under the influence of drugs.

Drug abuse leads to brain damage and health complications such as red eyes, dizziness, palpitations, headaches, insomnia, and lung cancer. Teenagers who abuse drugs are prone to engaging in unprotected sex and contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Social problems such as conflicts at home and at school, poor school grades, and loss of friends could also arise.

Remedies for Teenage Drug Abuse

If as a parent you discover that your child is into drugs, you need to take appropriate action without any delay. Firstly, talk the matter over with your child and then persuade him or her that there really is a problem and that help is needed. Then check him into a rehabilitation centre and begin to monitor his/her movements, activities and associations until he/she significantly overcomes crisis point in the addiction management schedule.