Area 51

The United States of America’s Area 51 has remained a big riddle to many citizens. It is a remote detachment of the country’s air force, and has been given a number of names including groom lake, paradise ranch and dream land. Because the purpose of the area is unknown, many people have been speculating that the government is conducting heinous activities in the facility. Historically, it was said to be used for testing of various weapons and experiment craft. The claims were confirmed in 2013 when Jeffery Richelson researched on the area and found out that it had been used for as a testing area by the authorities. Nonetheless, there are still so many unanswered questions about the area. Hence, this essay states that the federal government should reveal all the unknown details of Area 51 to the general public.

The Theories, Fears, and Speculations

Some of the theories and movies about Area 51 are disturbing. On one hand, some people indicate that the government has stored the remains of unidentified flying object that crashed years back in the area. A retired army colonel indicated that he had evidence of the stored materials. However, the government did not confirm the claims. On the other hand, some people have speculated that the government is trying to manufacture weapons of mass destruction in the area. The movie industry has creatively tried to explain the manner of weapons being made in the area. Still, there are people who claim that they have seen strange objects and weapons flying around the area. Such speculations threaten the very security that the government hopes to enhance by keeping the details of the area secret.

It Does the Government More Harm than Good

The federal government is mandated with the role of providing services to the public in a transparent way. The fact that it is unwilling to offer the required details means that it is unable to perform its functions as per the expectations of the people. It also makes the public lose confidence in the authorities. More so, as people try to research on the area, there is chance that some will come up with more theories against the government. There are some people who even fear that there the activities in the area that will threaten the very existence of humans. Indeed, for the government must reveal the secrets details of area 51 to avoid further speculations by the public, and prove wrong some of the past theories.