Artificial Intelligence

It is the science that is aimed at creating software and machines that function in almost the same away as human beings. Human beings can see what is happening in the environment or the surrounding and take action. This intelligence is what is being put in systems. It has been tried and worked in many aspects, but a lot of study needs to be done so as to improve on this aspect. The aim of the study is to come up with systems with various subfields. The subfields should be interconnected to be able to work and communicate with each other without fail. This will help human beings to solve problems by the use of these systems. The main problems that face research in such projects are knowledge, perception, reasoning and the ability to manipulate objects. The field of AI brings together many areas and it becomes complicated to integrate all aspects into one system successfully.

Goals of Artificial Intelligence

The field of AI has the primary objectives that are under research and aimed at coming up with a system that works correctly. The primary objective is that the systems will make life simpler. Systems that can observe the characteristics of an object and classify it correctly will help man in many aspects. The system should be able to detect a malfunction and diagnose a system. AI is being used in hospitals today to prescribe and in diagnosis. Research is aimed at achieving systems that can monitor and control processes. In the human resource, they will plan and schedule for employees. All these aspects point to one primary goal. The primary objective is to reduce wastage and enhance efficiency and right ways of doing things.

Artificial Intelligence Ethics

The major question that faces this project is about ethics. Humans have always been viewed as social, sympathetic and with empathy. We are now replacing them with machines. We should not trust machines and systems to treat us better or in the same way as humans have been doing in the past. There is no prior evidence that can show that machines can be friendly. It is also known and has been experienced that devices reduce the demand for human labour. Intelligent systems and robots will replace human beings and lender them unemployed. Many people also believe that the research has degraded the place of human beings. The human being is now viewed in the same manner as a computer program.