Christianity And Its Ethics

Christianity ethics means having the discipline to follow all the teachings of the Bible. The values of Christianity involve the actions and the principles that will guide these actions. All these should be of the Christian faith. Ethics will help you in making the decisions about what is right and what is wrong according to the Christian faith. They are the principles that will help you to avoid what is wrong and embrace what is right. The starting point of Christianity ethics is a Christian experience coupled up with a personality. Who you are will be vital in dictating your actions. Your actions depend on what you believe and think. Christian ethics will thus go deep into dictating the value of your social life. They will influence your way of doing business, relationships and even politics. In short, Christian ethics borrows all that was taught and exemplified in Jesus way of life. He is the perfect example that we can learn from.

Christianity Ethics and Moral Philosophy

Ethics of Christianity teach us that we should have the faith of Jesus Christ as the center of our lives. This applies to the moral duty that we should have. Our moral obligations should be guided by the teachings of the gospel and faith in God. Morally, we should have what is known as obedient love. This means that we should not just follow the ethics just for the sake of it. It should passionately come from within us. We should not do things with the aim of benefiting from them but because it is in line with the teachings of Christianity.

Bible is the Reference Point of the Christian Ethics

All the knowledge that Christians hold and use to make base their ethics on has its roots from the Bible. It is either wholly or partially attached to how our lives should be. We run our lives from the instructions that we get from the Bible. It is the manual that controls our lives. It evidences the works of God and the teachings of his son Jesus Christ. There are however some aspects that we borrow from the law of nature. This is where we are required to think of others regardless of our needs. It is also echoed in the Bible when we are challenged to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Most of the laws that govern our moral principles have got their roots from the Bible and are related to the Christianity ethics.