The Proper Way To Write An Essay: A Step-By-Step Manual

Here is a step by step manual on how to write an essay the correct way:

  • Step One: Time to brainstorm on the subject for the essay.
  • Step Two: Should take at least two days in the thinking process of the topic for the essay.
  • Step Three: During the thinking process, any ideas for the topic should be narrowed down to the top three.
  • Step Four: Do a survey and have friends determine the best idea for the subject. The idea that receives the most votes shall be the topic for the essay.
  • Step Five: The writer of the essay should do an outline of the subject before doing any research on it. This will ensure that the topic will be worth the time and energy to write about.
  • Step Six: After reviewing the outline for the topic idea, and making the final decision that the idea is the selected topic, time to do research on it.
  • Step Seven: The student should spend at least two days gathering information and notes on the subject.
  • Step Eight: After the notes and information have been gathered together, it is good to do an outline of the research notes.
  • Step Nine: The writer of the essay should review the notes outline to determine what information and notes will be used in the essay.
  • Step Ten: It is time to write the first draft of the essay from the notes and notes outline.
  • Step Eleven: It is good to have someone else review the first draft of the essay for possible corrections.
  • Step Twelve: The writer has to make the necessary corrections to the essay draft.
  • Step Thirteen: Once the corrections have been made, it is time to write the second draft of the essay.
  • Step Fourteen: As with the first draft of the essay, have another party check for errors in the writing of the essay.
  • Step Fifteen: It is time to write the final draft of the essay and make the necessary corrections from the second draft.
  • Step Sixteen: For the last time, the student should have the final essay checked for spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and sentence structure issues.
  • Step Seventeen: Once the final draft has been corrected and re-written, turn the essay into your teacher.

With these steps, one can write the best essay they have ever written in their lifetime.