Choosing Unique Topics For A Moment In History Essay

If you want to choose unique topics for a moment in history essay, consider the following:

  • You could focus on the Great Depression.
  • You could also write about Native American cultures.
  • You could write about the Kennedy Nixon debates.
  • You could write about Abraham Lincoln.
  • You might also consider writing a paper about the American Civil War.
  • A paper about the American Revolution.

Once you have selected your topic it is important that you start research. Remember, when writing your paper, you want to start your research as early as possible. The more time you allow for research and writing, the more time you will have available to spend editing your paper. Editing and proofreading are both important components to completing a good paper, and yet both are often rushed because students do not plan ahead of time.

As you are working it is best to stay organized right from the start. This means bringing with you many notecards in multiple colors. When you conduct research for your paper, it will be very beneficial for you to have multiple colored notecards on which you can write your ideas for one color and your supporting evidence for another. Conversely, you can also use one color card for each idea. If you cannot find different colored notecards, you can use the same idea but with different colored pens or pencils. It is best to take notes by hand in this fashion, because it engages your tactile brain response. This commits the information you find from your short-term memory to your long-term memory. In doing this, you can also save time organizing your outline at a later date. By having physical notecards you can change the order of your arguments and your supporting evidence by hand until you find the best order.

As you conduct your research it is important that you write down any statistics or "you find. When doing this you need to double check that you wrote it down correctly. You do not want to waste time later trying to find the original source to double check your statistics. When you write down the statistical information or quote, make sure that you also write down the corresponding bibliographic information including the page number on the back of the note card. By writing it down in accordance with the format style that you were required to use, you can save yourself a great deal of time when it comes to writing a bibliography or your reference page.