Decline Of African Americans In Baseball

Of all the sports in America, Baseball is the only sport that is facing a decline in the number of African-American players in the sport. This trend has been noted since 1970 through the 80s and getting worse in the nineties. In the seventies, the number of African American playing the sport was at its all time highest. During this time, it hit a record eighteen percent. This was the percentage of African American players playing baseball. Researchers wanted to make the situation seem different from what it was and said that the figure was at twenty-seven percent. At this time, the number of Latino playing the sport was below that of the African Americans. As time went by, the trends began to change. More Latino started getting involved in the sport more than the African Americans. Research to show the reasons that caused this change has not been able to show or give a clear explanation. They only give some excuses that are believed to be linked to this trend. Some of them are discussed here below.

Wealth and population size

The population is the major factor that is believed to contribute to the change. The number of African Americans has not been growing as much compared to the number of whites and the Latino. This could be the primary factor that contributes to the number of African Americans playing baseball declining. This is however challenged by the simple and true fact that the number of Latino and African Americans is almost equal. They do not differ by a significant margin as the one in the figures playing baseball. This brings us to the second reason. The wealth that is dependent on what each person earns. The whites are believed to make a good amount of money. Baseball is a sport that is highly demanding and needs a lot of investment. African Americans do not make that much. They thus consider being in other games that are not as demanding as baseball. When joining the high school, students are asked to pay some fee for those willing to play baseball. African American students who cannot afford to pay these additional costs end up drifting to other sports.

Community and Family support

Baseball is a game that needs to have small tournaments being organized. This is where young players will get to showcase their talents. African Americans are handicapped by the lack of funds. They cannot hold such tournaments as the whites. Their families and community don’t have enough to support the sport.