How To Become A Real Estate Sales Agent



A person who assists people to either purchase or sell a property is known as a Real Estate Agent.

The property is can be a house, empty land or a structure. The Agent should be knowledgeable about market value of properties, be able to advertise, have negotiation skills and have the capability to positively evaluate all aspects of the property in question.

Real Estate Agent.

To be successful Real Estate Agent, one needs to be knowledgeable about the industry. This can be gained through education and work experience.


In this era, it is very important to get qualified preferably a degree. With a degree you stand higher chances of getting noticed than someone who doesn’t have one. As a Real Estate Agent your major task is to market and sell therefore you need to have knowledge of business , sales and marketing, law and economic. One can also take a few professional courses on real estate agency to acquire more knowledge.

Skills and Career

There’s need to have the necessary people skills. Career in Real Estate agent involves talking and relating to people. Therefore one needs to have strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Real Estate Agents mostly work for or with Brokers. Therefore it is so important to do a lot of research so that you work with or for a credible brokerage firm. Majority of agents earn their money through commissions paid to brokers. The agreement made between the Real Estate

Agent and broker determines how much commission the real estate agent will receive. The more experienced you are the larger the percentage of the commission you receive.

Start up requirements

Business start ups have similar basic general requirements. For example to become a Real Estate Agent one will need a license and some start up cash. Therefore it is important to make the necessary enquiries so that you abide with the laws on becoming a Real Estate Agent.


Real Estate Agents need to network a lot to build concrete long term relationships with clients. Through a mentor who is an expert in the industry one can gain more experience and build a client base.

Ultimately, to be successful in any career, one needs to have a passion for the job he/she is doing. It takes passion for property, dedication and hard work to excel in this field.