The Forgotten War - Things You Need To Know

The Korean War, commonly known as the Forgotten War, was fought during 1950-1953. This was a war fought between North Korea, then was occupied by the Communists, and South Korea under American control.

How Did It Start?

After the Second World War, Japan’s control over Korea finished. Instead, the two halves of the Peninsula were ruled by two separate and rival governments. As mentioned earlier, North Korea was governed by the Soviets, while Americans reigned over South Korea. The 38th Parallel was selected as the division between the two halves of the country. However, troops belonging to North Korea crossed this boundary on 25th June in 1950 to invade South Korea.

The United Nations was quick to act and ordered these forces to withdraw from the Southern half of the Peninsula. The North Korean forces paid no heed to this order. As a result, a fighting force was established under the command of the UN consisting of soldiers from the USA, as well as 15 other countries. The war had already begun, and the Americans present in South Korea were engaged in resisting the rival forces.

The Events

The North Korean forces were over powered by the UN troops and by October in the same year, they were pushed back into their own territory. However, the UN troops now aimed at removing the Communist government from the country. This led them to move further towards the North where they took control of several areas.

However, this success of the UN forces was short-lived. As they moved closer to China, the latter joined forces with North Koreans making them the dominant force. Resultantly, UN troops were pushed back and they lost control of the invaded areas. Afterwards, most of the fighting happened near the 38th Parallel.

The End

The war was brought to a close with the signing of an armistice on 27th July 1953. This was followed by the establishment of a boundary near the 38th Parallel, as well as the creation of a demilitarized area. Although the war had ceased, there was no official ending to it. This was because no peace treaty was signed.


Like any other war, even with this many people lost their lives, homes, as well as families during this battle. More than two million Koreans were killed in this war. Approximately 56,000 US soldiers were reported dead out of which around 36,000 lost their lives in Korea. An approximate of 7,500 soldiers were missing- they did not reach their homes.

These are the extremities of the Forgotten War.