How to get a handle on your speech analysis essay

Speech Analysis Essay:

The speech analysis essay just as the name suggests, is about analyzing a speech. It can also be an analysis of some text, book, film or a TV show. They are very interesting and students usually like a lot to research about such essay topics. The topic selection is of the essence, if you are already not assigned a particular topic. Selecting the right topic would never have a blocker throughout the writing of your essay. You must choose an essay topic which can produce a lot of arguments. Basically, it should be a broad topic which is good enough to explore it in a lot of different dimensions.

How to get a handle on your speech analysis essay:

The following is a list of some of the top tips which will assure you to write a quality speech analysis essay:

  • Choose an essay if you are not already assigned one. It isn’t important that you go for some popular speech, text, book, film or a TV show. All that matter is that the topic chosen should be rich in content with a lot of aspects that can be explored.
  • You must first begin your work by identifying the SOAPS tone. The SOAPS stand for Speaker, Occasion, Audience, Purpose Subject. These all elements are very critical and must be smartly evaluated for writing a top quality speech analysis essay.
  • You must also evaluate the appeals. The appeals include ethos, logos and pathos of the topic included.
  • The style details evaluation is also part of the speech analysis essay strategy which includes some of the critical aspects such as syntax, tone, diction and the imagery of the topic under discussion.
  • You must form an analysis before you start writing the actual essay. You must first evaluate that what the information you gathered is all about and what message it conveys to the user.
  • You must state the text very clearly and precisely which you are looking to analyze.
  • You must have a thesis statement encapsulated in a couple of sentences. It must reflect the essence of all your discussion in the essay under the given topic of discussion.
  • In the speech analysis essay, the details and the facts provided must always follow a chronological order or otherwise it will lead to severe negative marking.