Searching For Interesting Essay Examples Online: Useful Guidelines

Many students can actually find essay examples online. There are free websites, academic databases and university pages that offer free samples. Before students start to look for the perfect paper, they should read through the following guide.

Consider the Purpose

If students just want to see an example, they should look for a paper that is written in a similar subject area. For the best sample, students should make sure that the author was in the same grade level or higher. Students commonly use these examples for help with citations and a bibliography. Since formatting changes between different writing styles, students should make sure that they find a paper that is in MLA, APA or Chicago style. The correct writing style will depend on the style that was assigned in the student's class.

Although many students just want to look at an example, there are some students who plan on turning in the essay that they find. For these students, extra caution must be exercised. If the student is caught plagiarizing another person's writing, they can fail their class or get expelled. Rather than face plagiarism charges, students should buy a paper from a writing service or a freelance writer. Students who cannot afford to buy an essay should paraphrase the document carefully and run it through plagiarism checking software.

Looking for Online Examples

In the beginning, students can do a basic Internet search for a free example. To get better results, students should type in the subject or topic area that they need. The results that appear will normally include free sites and academic databases. With a free site, the student is able to look through every document and find the right one. Since the quality level of these websites varies, students may want to use an academic database instead. These databases are normally found online through a university, library or academic site. With an academic database, the student is able to find better quality writing and more thorough research.

Buying a Paper

With tests, homework and multiple essays to complete, many students do not have the time to do all of their own writing. For these students, a writing company is a useful alternative. These companies generally charge an affordable rate for professional-quality papers. The student merely has to submit the writing prompt from their class, a title and the deadline. If the deadline is too soon, the student may have to pay an extra fee to have their paper written. Smart students send in their prompt early so that they can get the document before the deadline.