Where To Get Free Descriptive Essays About A Place

One of the best resource tools if you're looking for a free descriptive essay based on a place, is to look up the website, 123helpme.com. This website is very informative, and you can find articles that are structured well and informative, while they are also descriptive and well written. You will find that it’s also easy to find articles about places that people have traveled to or just written about. You can literally spin the globe and find great articles about travel all over the world just by doing a search and viewing at a glance several articles at once.

Tips on getting the right article from this site include:

  • Ensuring that you do a search based on the city or state that you're looking for, or the region. For example, if you want to write about a particular island, you may want to search by the island name, or look for the country and then look up that particular area.
  • Also consider that 123helpme.com has a free section as well as a paid section, so you may find different resources under free, but don't be afraid to go under the unrated or paid sections to view work in these areas as well. Search for a country, a city, a town or even a neighborhood.
  • When you do your search also make sure that you utilize the ‘Sort By’ feature and this can help you narrow down the length that you may want. For example, sometimes the project length maybe be close to 1000 words or more, when you may only want 500.
  • Another area that can help you is that you can utilize the view section located all the way to the right of the screen, just past the color rating, and this is called the ‘View’ or ‘Preview’ area. If you are utilizing the free sample portion, you can view the project right away in its entirety, but if you want to go in and look at the assignment that is paid for, you can preview that, as well. The benefit is previewing a paid essay that might be $20, $30 or even $50, is that it may have more quality, and while you’re on the site for free articles, you may find that the paid preview gives you ideas that you may want to consider and incorporate into your own writing style for a paper down the road. This can help you to see how to map it out.

So depending on where you're traveling to, your project can be fun and informative, and did we mention free!