How To Write A Good Literary Essay On King Lear: Useful Recommendations

What Is A Literary Essay?

A literary essay is a piece of writing that revolves around the subject and not what the writer thinks about it. Most of the times, these articles are written once you finish off a great piece of literature and analyze a particular character or theme. Here the tone shouldn’t be persuasive rather informative.

Recommendations to Write a Literary Essay on King Lear-

Shakespeare is a legendary literary figure and if you are planning to write on his critical master piece King Lear, then you may well find the following recommendations handy-

  • Search For The Theme
  • Each of Shakespeare’s plays is overwrought with themes. King Lear is no exception. Here also the theme that surfaces time and again is- whether there is any justice in the world. At the end of this play, all the evil minds were rightfully punished, but one can witness the sufferings of the goods also. So from there, you can develop your theme.

  • You Can Include More Than One Theme
  • King Lear is full of other themes like whether chaos and authority are the two faces of the same coin and how insignificant mortals are in front of nature. There shall always be a word-limit for your article and depending on that- you may choose one or more theme in your piece.

  • Lay Your Hands Upon A Good Dictionary
  • A good Oxford English Dictionary is mandatory if you are on the journey to literally analyze King Lear. It’s always advisable to read the original play that is full of tough words that. King Lear was composed in an era where old French and middle as well as old English used to rule the literary language. To know the play better, you need to know the multiple meanings of the words in the Shakespearean context.

  • Follow The Structure Obediently
  • There is a tendency of students to overflow their literary analytical piece of writing. It’s mandatory that you follow the structure like- introductory paragraph, thesis statement, body paragraphs and conclusion.

  • Check Upon Your Language
  • As you are writing a literary piece on King Lear, it’s more than essential that you use literary terms that are metaphorical or ironical. But they must go well with the themes and symbols of King Lear. Also you must write in present tense and third person.

Apart from above 5s, the other tips will include pondering over the symbols and motifs that are used heavily in the play and analyze hem suitably in your article.