Compare And Contrast Essay Examples - How To Find The Good Ones

For many students, apart from the personal essay, writing a compare and contrast essay is one of the most enjoyable and easiest types of prose writing. Obviously not for everyone but certainly for many. The secret of course is to find the ideal topic. As with any type of essay the choice of topic can determine the success you have in your writing. If you are going to compare and contrast something with which you very familiar or about which you are excited, then you are well on the way to writing success.

Choose a topic to write a compare and contrast essay where you know little or nothing about the topic or don't like the topic and immediately you are like the little boy with a wheelbarrow going uphill -- you have the job in front of you. So get the choice of topic right.

But finding the right topic does not guarantee success. You still need to go through the gathering of research material and the planning of the essay before writing it with skill and relevance. And one of the best ways to improve your writing of compare and contrast essays is to find examples of the genre. You find these examples to see how other people go about writing such essays. What sort of topics do they choose? What sort of format do they use to set out the essay? What sort of comments has the teacher or examiner of this essay provided? You can learn so many things from quality compare and contrast essay examples. And here the key word is quality. You want to find the good examples.

Where are they hiding?

They may very well be available from your school or college. Your teacher or professor may have examples of work written by their former students. It certainly doesn't hurt to ask. And likewise your fellow students may have examples of compare and contrast essays. Have you tried asking if you may look at those? Have you been to your school or college library and asked if there are examples of these types of essays? You can find them in a wide variety of places and in many instances there is no charge whatsoever. Of course you're not out to find any compare and contrast essay examples but rather the good ones.

And the main source of examples is certainly online. If you come to a reputable educational institution with a website which proudly displays the work of some of their students, you more than likely will find good examples of compare and contrast essays. Likewise with an essay writing service, they will want to display outstanding examples of the type of work they can produce. It's hardly likely that someone will want to engage the services of the company unless they can see examples of quality writing. So there are many places where you can find a good examples and all it takes is a little effort on your behalf.