How to Choose Topics for Opinion Essays

In reality, every essay is an opinion essay. No matter what topic you choose to write about, you will be including your opinions mixed in with the facts. You might not realize that you are writing an opinion piece, but any time that you analyze, persuade, or even provide information, you are using your opinion. If you have been assigned an opinion essay, you might have difficulty choosing a topic because there are so many opinions that you can present. Here are a few suggestions for choosing topics for opinion essays:

  1. Choose a topic you love. Most people have strong opinions about the things they love. So, you will have more success giving your opinion about the things you really care about in your life. If you write about something you care little about, it will show in your essay.
  2. Do not be wishy-washy. Students often will choose a topic, but then they do not take a stance on it. This makes their topic dull and wishy-washy because they fail to actually show a real opinion. If you cannot take a side and prove an opinion about a subject, then you should not write about that subject.
  3. Find current events that interest you. Many opinion pieces have to be written about current events. You might not love the topic, but you need to pick a current event that tugs at your heartstrings. If you can find something that makes your heart hurt, then you have an opinion about it and you can craft an essay about the topic.
  4. Choose something your instructor will allow. Some instructors have limits on the topics and they might not allow opinions on tired, overused topics. If you instructor does not allow papers about abortion, legalizing marijuana, or other topics that have been written about ad nauseum, then do not write about those topics. Instructors want to see unique ideas, and these topics rarely have anything new that can be said about them.
  5. Scour the Internet. If you cannot find a topic, look around online. There are so many lists about essay writing topics that you are bound to find something that will be of interest to you. Even if you do not find an exact topic, you might see a keyword that inspires you to write about a related idea. Once you find one, stick with it and get the paper completed.