Abstract Arts Place In The World Today

One of the best places to find abstract art in our world today is the Internet. Abstract artists have taken to the Internet to showcase their work, through art websites and galleries or they simply just create at their own website for their artwork. This makes finding abstract art easier but there are still places around the world that showcase abstract art. They are in museums and galleries but some artist are also thinking outside the box and making them a spectacle for all to see. It does matter where you see abstract art but all that matters is that it is still much alive in today’s society.

When looking at abstract art, there are six categories that they fall in, cosmologies, anatomies, landscapes, signs, architecture, and fabrics. All of these categories can be seen around the world. One of the best places to see cosmological abstract art is at Mitchell-Innes & Nash in New York. They have Christ Martin’s Seven Pointed Star for Isaac Hayes on display there. Landscapes can be hard to find sometimes because these are mostly done outside and are an event when they happen. One of the biggest forms of this kind of abstract art took place in 2004 in Chicago’s Millennium Park; Anish Kappor’s Cloud Gate distorted and reflected its surroundings.

Anatomies abstract art can be found in Cheim & Read in New York. Jonathan Lasker’s does a lot of Anatomies art and it is on display there. Fabric abstract art, which really emerged in the 70s, can also be found in New York at The Artist And Von Lintel Gallery, where Valerie Jaudon work can be seen. She was part of the Pattern and Decoration movement but doesn’t repeat patterns like most fabric artist do with their work. Architecture abstract art is a new way of looking at something architectural. If you take Peter Halley’s Accretive Cognition, you will see a prison in the colorful art or some people may see a house, computer chip, or even a piece of machinery. With this kind of art it is all up to the viewer.

Signs abstract art is a little different than the rest because with this kind of abstract art, you use stencils to create the art. If you are interested in see some to the great abstract art today, then you best bet it to go to New York. Here you will see all of the categories on display.