How To Organize The Writing Process To Complete A Narrative Essay About A Lesson You’ve Learned

If you want to write a great narrative essay, then they best thing to put in that essay is a lesson. As Aesop’s Fables has taught us, morals in a story make them more interesting. You can have a great story and then have an overlaying lesson that you want to portray. When you are choosing the story you want to tell, you have to think of what your learned. If you didn’t learn anything from the story that you want to tell, then you are going to have to look closer at the story or pick a new story for your essay. It is very easy to organize your story once you know what you are writing about and these should help you work in your story and your lesson.

Organizing A Narrative Essay

  • Create a basic outline for your narrative story, remember that all stories have a beginning, middle, and end. Keep this in mind as you are creating your outline. You want to make sure when you are creating your outline, that you include tension in your story, conflict, and all the other basic elements of a story. This will help you figure out the resolution of your story and the lesson you learned.
  • A narrative essay is a story but remember it is an essay so you do still need to include a thesis. The thesis is a sentence or two about the point of your essay, for this one, it is the lesson you learned. You don’t want to give away too much with it but you do want to tell them what you learned.
  • The best way to build tension in your narrative essay is to use your lesson throughout the essay. If your lesson is about a struggle you had, then you want to show that struggle in every paragraph of your essay. This will build the tension and tell them about the problems that you faced and overcame.
  • The last paragraph or few paragraphs depending how long your essay is, is the resolution. In the resolution, you want to resolve the conflict of the story and answer any questions that might have arisen in your essay. You want to make the reader feel like the story is complete and you can also reinforce the lesson or thesis of your essay.