A Comprehensive Guide On How To Choose Impressive Essay Topics

The first step in the writing process is to choose a topic to write your paper on. It is very important that you take the time to choose a topic that works well for your paper. This comprehensive guide will help you choose the right topic so that you can get your paper done in a timely manner.

What are the characteristics of a good topic?

  1. Interesting
  2. You want to choose an interesting topic because it will be easier to write about a topic that you find interesting and you will likely know more about the topic as well. An interesting topic will also be easier to research because you won’t have to fight back your sleep reading through boring articles.

  3. Relevant
  4. This is an obvious characteristic but an important one. The topic has to relate to the course studies because that is the main reason why you are asked to write it. That is to prove that you understand what you are being taught.

  5. Unique
  6. You don’t have to write a different topic than your classmates but it is a good idea to do so. That is because you don’t want to be compared to the other student as well. If you both write on the same topic, it is hard to give you both the same grade if your paper is inferior. Therefore, you may have gotten an “A” before the teacher read the other paper and now she has decided to give you a “B”.

How can I choose a good one?

  1. Look through your text
  2. Look through your text book to see what general topics interest you and go from there. You can narrow the topic down as you go but this is an excellent place to start.

  3. Get ideas online
  4. There are many sites that you can read through to get essay topics. You can use these to brainstorm or simply use one of their ideas.

  5. Read through your notes
  6. Read through your notes to get ideas. you will likely have taken really good notes on the topics that you were interested in. it is a great way to find a topic to write about and you will already have some notes on the subject to help you get started on your outline and help you develop a strong thesis statement to write your paper on.