A List Of Excellent Essay Topics For College Students

There are tonnes of different things you could write about in your essay during your college years. The best thing about college is that you have the freedom to explore what you like! So to be honest, you have the liberty to choose something that you love and write about it. As a college student, you would probably like sports, lifestyle and probably some of the subjects that you are studying as well!

Here is a list of a few interesting essay topics that you should write about:

Your favourite sports

Do some research and write about it! If you truly love your sport, this should not be a lot of work for you. In the same time, you are actually enjoying it and developing your essay writing skills.

The most inspiring book

You could also talk about the book that you find to be most inspiring. It could be any books and you don’t have to hide it. Any literature or classics would do great as well. It shows how educated and knowledgeable you are.

The person whom you look up to

We all have an idol, admit it! Well, we are trying to grow up and become that person, right? Talk about the journey and how you have been working towards it.

General knowledge

Your essay could be anything in general as well! It does not really matter; you could talk about events that you find very interesting.

A certain school subject

You might like a certain subject at school, so that makes it a good topic to write your essay on as well. Discuss why you like it and what’s so special about it.


This might be a bit difficult for some people, but if you are up for the challenge, then discussing different philosophies will definitely impress your teachers!


Discuss what you did throughout your life and how it has benefitted you. It’s a personal essay, so no one can mark you poorly for that!


You could also talk about what you plan to do in the future. Again, this will certainly attract your readers.

Current affairs

Most people choose to write about this. This means you are discussing what is happening around you. It can be anything such as celebrities or world news!


If you are a huge history fan, then what’s stopping you from writing your essay based on it? Pick a certain event and discuss it!