A List Of Exciting Essay Topics For Brave New World

Written in 1932, Brave New World is Aldous Huxley's best known novel. It is essentially a dystopian novel that shows a world set on encouraging peace. Set in the 2500s, this futuristic novel shows a world where feelings are removed to keep the population peaceful. Huxley originally wrote Brave New World to show inherent problems in socialist governments.

Since it was written, this book has become a common reading assignment in English classes. After reading the book, students will need to write an essay on the topic. For some original, exciting essay topics, check out the following list.

Topic Ideas

  1. How does Brave New World criticize socialist policies?
  2. The world in the novel has positive and negative feelings removed. How does the novel indicate Huxley's belief that good and bad emotions must coexist?
  3. Many of the character names are intended to symbolize a certain trait (Bernard Marx and John Savage). How does 4. Huxley use this to make a point? How do the names indicate the person's character?
  4. Mustapha Mond proposes that science, art and religion should be limited. Why is science included in this list?
  5. How does World War I impact Huxley's writing?
  6. What does Huxley do to demonstrate the dangers of taking science too far?
  7. What type of utilitarian society has Aldous Huxley created in this book?
  8. After reading the book, what role do you believe social conditioning plays in your personal life?
  9. How does Huxley make sexuality and promiscuity seem moral in his novel?
  10. What does the character of John Savage represent?
  11. Why does John Savage choose to take his own life at the end of the novel?
  12. Is it possible for the government in the book to completely suppress emotions and religion?
  13. What is the Solidarity Service and what is its role in the book?
  14. Is Mustapha Mond a true antagonist? What characteristics make him different from a normal literary antagonist?
  15. Is John Savage more free than other people in the novel?
  16. Huxley became blind during his childhood. How did this impact his viewpoints?
  17. How does Mustapha Mond argue against personal freedom? Are his arguments valid?
  18. What are the different castes in the novel? What are their jobs?
  19. Do you consider this to be a dsystopian or utopian novel?
  20. How does the World State manage to infantilize the citizens?
  21. Is there a relationship between truth and happiness?
  22. How do men and women interact socially, professionally and politically?