Composing An Introduction Paragraph For An Opinion Essay

An opinion essay is a formal piece of writing that requires your opinion on a certain topic. A great opinion essay must clearly communicate your opinions by giving various viewpoints supported by examples. Typically, you also need to discuss the opposing point of view in a different paragraph or section.

To write a good opinion essay, you need a very good introduction. The introduction is the part of the essay that comes just before the thesis statement. In fact, the thesis statement is usually the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. You introduction must be captivating and intriguing. You want an introduction that makes people want to read your paper to the end.

Introductions serve three main purposes;

  1. Grab the reader’s attention
  2. Provide necessary background information
  3. Shape the readers perspective
  4. Present your thesis statement

There are several ways of introducing your essay depending on the circumstances. They include;

  • Using an anecdote or story as the introduction
  • The writer can use a short relevant story to present a situation that closely resembles the one they intend to discuss. In opinion essays, the story should reinforce the writer’s opinions. In most instances, the writer can refer back to the story to draw conclusions or comparisons.

  • Starting with facts
  • It is also possible to introduce your essay with facts. If you have figures that you can present immediately, then you can use that to introduce your essay. For instance, if you know about a recent study that relates to the topic at hand, you can use the findings of that study to introduce your essay.

  • Say what is mistakenly believed to be true
  • This is an excellent way to start an essay. For instance, you can start with “Contrary to popular belief…”then in the thesis statement, say what you believe to be the truth. People already think that the first idea is right so by differing with their opinions, you’ll be grabbing all their attention since they’ll want to know why you think differently.

  • Smart with a summary of the work you’re doing
  • You could also successfully start with the conclusion. This is especially a possibility if you’ve done enough research about the topic and are very familiar with the whole story. For instance, if you’re writing about slave trade and you have already made your mind that it was bad, then you can go ahead and start by saying; “I have never liked the fact that humans had to be traded for money…”

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