How Should I Write An Analytical Essay: 10 Fresh Ideas

Many students have to analyze different texts and describe their findings in an essay format. Analytical essays are fairly complicated, because you cannot simply describe something or state your position. The main purpose of this essay type is to analyze how well the author of work presented his or her argument, wrote the content, and developed the main ideas. It is necessary to examine the methods used by the author rather than the provided information itself.

The fresh ideas described below are helpful for those students who want to learn how to write analytical essays successfully:

  1. If you are not given an essay topic, you should choose a piece of writing to analyze that you are interested in. It is always more fun to write about something that you want to learn more about.
  2. You need to reserve enough time to read a chosen piece of literature carefully. Sometimes, students just scan the text but it is not enough to provide a deep analysis. It is also a bad strategy to write analytical essay based on reviews and opinions of other authors like literature critics exclusively.
  3. It makes sense to break the text down into smaller pieces and then reread each part taking notes.
  4. When you read the paper, you should look for patterns and a deeper meaning. Try to understand the main idea of the author, and pay attention to how he or she uses different words and phrases. You should describe how effectively the concepts and ideas are communicated.
  5. Prepare an outline to present your information in the best way, so it will be easier for you to create a good flow and explain the main ideas first.
  6. Your thesis statement should answer the question what you are trying to prove. After your draft is ready, you should check it and fix if something seems wrong.
  7. Be careful choosing words and phrases. You should avoid informal language, because it weakens your argument. Most supervisors will lower your grade if you use slang or jargon.
  8. It is a bad idea to write useless sentences to make your analytical essay longer. It should be to the point, and each sentence should count.
  9. Limit your quotations. It is better to use quotes only if you really need them. Nevertheless, do not use quotes longer than three lines.
  10. Check if your body paragraphs contain in-depth analysis. Your introduction and conclusion should include metaphors and comparisons. Sometimes, it is a good idea to place a quote in your introductory paragraph.